Meet the artist

Greek native Spiros Poros discovered his passion for photography during his journey around the world taking snapshots of people in their cultural environment. His photography has a very cinematographic appeal in the way it portrays its protagonist and their moods. Over time his photography has become recognizable for its distinct style that reflects his very own respects and thoughtfulness for the theme. His unique style has attributed greatly to his notability in the United States, in Europe, in Latin America and in New Zealand. Fascinating stars from what the photographer calls the ‘’world art family’’- Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley, Christopher Noth, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Meagan Good, John Michael Stipe, Alessandra Corine Ambrósio, have trusted him and his camera to capture their light and talent in the marvelous rolling film.

Vogue, In Style, Flaunt, Esquire, and many other magazine editorials around the world have worked with him in various and versatile projects. In 2007, The National Ballet of Cuba opened the doors and allowed him to work on one of his most ‘dancing’ and passionate project. 

The photography exhibitions, ‘’Tattoo’’, ‘’Bodies and Behaviours’’, ‘’Under Exposed’’, ‘’Love and Strife = Cosmic Cycle’’, ‘’Cuban Ballet and Boxing’’ have been welcomed in New York, Athens, and Auckland.

Creating images is moving and powerful. Technical mastery is just the start. Visionary creativity, revolutionary spirit, and profound empathy fire the restless eye and trigger the click for signing a work that plays with and around symbols, human values, ideas, ideals, and bitter-sweet realities.

 A ticket to Buenos Aires got off the ground a new stormy passion: The ‘’objects of value’’. An explorative and revealing project for people beyond destiny and poverty who work strenuously to protect our planet and remove the shocking rubbish of their fellow humans. Survival and hope, human struggle and joy, living with little and living with love. All true facts witnessed and captured by the lenses. Recorded in the unending world and temporarily placed in ‘our life’ file. 


 ‘’It feels that in Buenos Aires I felt so close to the zenith of a profound empathy and an awakening approach to an inspirational, determined duo: photography and humanism’’, Spiros says.

20 February, 2020: Kaktos Publications publishes Spiros Poros signature book ‘Photosophia’ with photographs from his work around the world. His book features the combination of different environments around the world and the philosophical frame the artist surrounds his photos with, it clearly depicts the influence of his home country and the Greek philosophers heritage.